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Tarentum Tech

3rd Floor Community Room 

216 W 9th Ave

Tarentum, PA 15084

(The Old Clement School)


Host - Kitsy Higgins

Phone: (412) 422-8447


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Lighthouse Spiritual Group Lower Burrell, PA
Lighthouse Spiritual GroupLower Burrell, PA

August Events

Evolutionary Astrology with Anjali Soi


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Evolutionary astrology aims to understand an individual’s evolutionary and karmic lessons in the present lifetime and focuses heavily on Pluto, the Soul. Pluto represents the deep Soul desires as well as the emotional and behavioral patterns the Soul holds onto from the past. EA also focuses on the outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, to understand how a Soul’s future spiritual progress can take place so that healthier patterns emerge. It is not prediction based and instead rests in the Present moment to understand why an individual goes through certain experiences. Pluto in the chart essentially represents where and how an individual will experience soul birth and rebirth throughout life.


1) The audience will discover what their deeper evolutionary desires are.

2) The audience will learn how they can transform their previous limitations and negative patterns into newer, higher expressions of awareness.

3) The audience will gain insight as to why they have a certain degree of resistance and conflict to change relative to their past emotional and security patterns.

4) The audience will understand in what area of life they will experience the highest level of death and rebirth as we review the houses in astrology.


A lifelong learner of astrology, Anjali began learning the evolutionary astrology method with Boulder-based astrologer, Melody Scott Zindell, in 2005 who directly learned from the founder of the evolutionary astrology paradigm, Jeffrey Wolf Green. She offers one on one counseling to individuals looking for guidance in their relationships through the lens of astrology and mediation. She is a certified mediator in the areas of family & divorce, elder care and business and employment mediation. Anjali enjoys combining astrology with her mediator and artistic sides to look at the dynamics behind conflict and what can potentially and critically lead to peace and understanding. To learn more visit

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