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Host - Kitsy Higgins

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Lighthouse Spiritual Group Lower Burrell, PA
Lighthouse Spiritual GroupLower Burrell, PA

June Events

Behind the Numbers with Todd Anthonsen


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Tarentum, PA 15084

h Ave

Behind the Numbers Chronicles a journey that began with a nod from an elusive, but all pervading presence staring out from behind 11:11, and concludes with insights and information relating to numerology found in no other book on the subject.


   Numbers are most commonly associated with mathematics and understood as a means to convey quantities, but through numerology, which is the occult study of numbers, they also convey qualities. One of the benefits of numerology is that it provides insights and guidance that would otherwise remain elusive, as well as serving as a means of self acceptance and acceptance of others.

   Each number acts as a ‘filter’ that channels and ‘colors’ energy, and by understanding the two basic components of numbers, one can expand and deepen their understanding of words as well as names.


   This presentation will touch upon the following areas:    

   --Brief background of Behind the Numbers

   --Explanation of how energy is channeled through numbers

   --The meanings behind each number

   --Aspects of a numerology chart


About the presentor:

Beginning in the early 90's, Todd's attention began to be drawn toward 11:11, or more precisely, a Presence that seemed to be calling out from behind 11:11. With each encounter a sense of apprehension and reassurance would arise from somewhere deep within the recesses of his psyche. It was this mysterious numeric sequence, which felt as both a blessing and haunting, that triggered a process of awakening whose implications could not possibly be anticipated or ignored. More than a decade would pass before Todd underwent a spiritual transformation in 2007, following the release of a crippling addiction. This sudden transformation would open up a doorway leading down a path of destruction, surrender and ultimately, spiritual rebirth. It was this process of rebirth in which Todd awakened to the singularity of the universe, and transcended the perception of duality, which revealed Source has no opposite, Presence no absence. This realization of singularity allowed Todd to approach numerology from a unique perspective that is simplistic as it is profound. Behind the Numbers provides insights and concepts found no where else to inform, inspire, and illuminate. 


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