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Lectures held:

Tarentum Tech

(The Old Clement School)

Third Floor

216 W 9th Ave

Tarentum, PA 15084


Host - Kitsy Higgins

Phone: (412) 422-8447


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Lighthouse Spiritual Group Tarentum, PA
Lighthouse Spiritual GroupTarentum, PA

Past Lectures

-1/2 - Intuitive Art and the Present Moment with Lele Energy


-12/5 - Forgive the Drug Abuser ~ Heal Yourself with Patty Bastin


-11/7 - Spiritualism: Philosophy, Science, & Religion with Michele Saling


-10/3 - The Awakening of Humanity with Shiela Forester   


-9/5 - Introduction to Reflexology with Debbi Wojciechowski 


-8/1 - Evolutionary Astrology with Anjali Soi


-6/6 - Behind the Numbers with Todd Anthonsen


-5/2 - Emotional Wellbeing: Connection, Self-Care, and Empowerment with Julie Hill Margo


-4/13 - Group Personal Seasonal Acupuncture with Sarah Heiber


-4/4 - Feel Comfortable Remembering Your Own Past Life - Basics on Past Life Regression with Karen Kubicko


-3/7 - Viewing of the movie "The Secret"


-2/7 - From Frantic to Focused: How to Shift Your Life from Out-of-Control to Streamlined and Successful with Beth Caldwell


-1/3 - Discovering your Soul Purpose with Ed Foote


-12/18 - Christmas/Holiday Dinner


-12/6 - Expectations, Acceptance, and Forgiveness with Kitsy Higgins


-11/1 - The 4 C's to Enriching Your Space with Jon-Paul Rippetoe


-10/4 - Intro to Chiropractic: What the Average Patient Doesn't Know with Ryan Thomas


-9/6 - Origins of Grace with Lillie Leonardi


-8/2 - Slowing Down to Power Up with Author Carol Briney


-8/23 - Using the Akashic Records to Remove Obstacles That Hold You Back with Irina Grundler


-7/5 - Various Unusual Elements of Metaphysics with Rick Cempie


-6/7 - DreamWork and Dream Interpretation with Gabrielle Michalek


-5/3 - The 5 Seasonal Elements & Your Health with Acupuncturist Sarah Heiber,


-4/5 - Life Altering Manifestations with Dana Dane,


-3/1 - Intuition Development with Rebecca Troup,


-2/2 - Know Yourself/Heal Yourself with Astrology - Judi Vitale,


-1/5 - Living the Good Life with Feng Shui - Yvonne Phillips,


-12/1 - Reincarnation & Past Lives with Joe Turiano

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